Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Victime #38: Alimony Makes Spouse Suicidal

I am going to mediation Wednesday June 29th on a 4 ½ year marriage and NO children and no assets and no home, I am a renter in 2 bed and 2 bath apartment. My income is 45k net per year and my x to be is going for permanent alimony…LOL..not really a laughing matter in this state.. She claims she now has a mental condition that prohibits her from working..strange how that works out just in time?

This was suppose to be a simple divorce but became a major nightmare because she got an attorney which is afforded by her millionaire brother and they are making me run up my attorney bills and of course they are looking for me to pay theirs..is there any support you folks can offer me.

I am in a state of depression and have had suicide attempts in my past and this is really creating a serious hardship for me. I am on medication and have been for years for my depression but this whole thing is crazy and for them to allow this type of process to take place is ludicrous.

I am out of money to pay my attorney and I do not know what to do? I am sure they will want to go to trial because we cannot agree to permanent alimony nor should she get it.

I am afraid to go in front of a judge in this state because I feel like I am doomed before even going into court,,,I think I already paid a heavy price to try and divorce this woman. I have spent thousands of dollars on a 4 1/2 year marriage with no kids and its crazy…where is the justice???

Is there help out there…is there a way to show them that we will not tolerate a decision which creates such hardship and one which is biased…can you help?