Thursday, July 10, 2008

Victim #32: Second Wife Seeks Help For Alimony Slave

I am writing on behalf of my husband, who too is an victim of the State of Florida's clear biased and unjust alimony laws. Although you can't remedy his problem, there is at least some sort of solace in knowing that he isn't "the only one."

My husband has lived the last 13 years of his life (he's been divorced that long), with the "threat" of an ex-wife who routinely calls to scream into the phone "have you made my deposit yet (40% of my husband's income goes to pay her-for the rest of her life)?" If it isn't her money she demands, it is her threats of her "team of attorney's" that will prove once and for all "who he really is", or that she will see to it in her lifetime that he goes to jail (for what we don't know, since my husband is just a regular, law abiding, hard working kind of guy and she doesn't even live in the same state that we do).

In your experience with this matter, are there ANY attorney's in Florida that are willing to take on a Modification of Alimony case (Florida has jurisdiction over the case.) ANYONE that is good, knows the system, the laws, the judges and the game? For someone who is willing to "invest" in his future, is there ANY hope, or, is it just a futile effort of wasting time and money?

Thanks for your time, and any of your expertise is much appreciated.