Monday, July 28, 2008

Victim #42: Alimony Encourages A Welfare Mentality In Some Ex-spouses And Discourages Self-sufficiency

In short I agreed to lifetime alimony of $5250 per month. My attorney (who was a poor choice in retrospect) stated that I could go back for modification at a later time.

She received a home worth $500,000 at this time, has approximately $200,000 in savings, and once her father passes on (he is in his late 80’s) will receive a $225,000 home, and likely another $300,000 in savings. At that time I plan on going for a modification to reduce alimony. She has a masters degree in interior design, however refuses to work.

At the time of my signing the agreement my thought processes weren’t very clear (divorce, caring for a very ill father, mother with Alzheimer’s, working full time as a physician with a very heavy workload, trying to be there for my children, supporting all these parties). During the divorce I tried to be kind and didn’t follow some of my attorneys suggestions (stopping temporary support for example, when her attorney delayed sending financial affidavits, paying for my wife’s vacation during the divorce, giving extra monies when she needed them, etc.)

Prior to seeking legal advice for making a plan of action, likely 5 years in the future, I would like to talk to someone knowledgeable about this issue. The issue in the modification won’t be inability to pay (although, sometime in the future, I would love to retire).

I have real estate investments that are and will continue to grow, a pension, investment in stocks, and other businesses. Instead it will be a change in her circumstances. She will likely have a home free and clear (the home that she lives in is for sale for $560,000 and plans on moving (likely she will pay for the home outright in the tune of $350,000) and by the time I go for modification she will likely have $750,000 to $1,000,000 of assets that at a 5% interest can generate $40,000 to $50,000 of income per year.

I desire a straightforward attorney who will truly fight for me. If you have anyone to recommend, I would appreciate it.

[Editors note:] It seem so hypocritical that the same women who are demanding equality with men are demanding that the men support them for a lifetime so they can avoid becoming a self-sufficient and a useful member of society. Me doth think that feminists speak with forked tongue.