Sunday, July 13, 2008

Victim #35: Second Wife Sees Future As Hopless For Hubby

My husband, lived a hellish marriage for 20 - 25 years (I'm not certain of the actual number of years) with his wife and two children in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He moved to Florida in 1997 where he worked for XXXX Law Firm in Jacksonville, as a XXXX. His wife, XXXX, eventually followed him to Florida. They lived together for a few short months and then she filed for divorce.

He had the book thrown at him. He was sentenced in DuVall County to supporting her the rest of his life. He eventually moved to XXXX, SC in 2001 where he had a very successful career as XXXX for the XXXX. He took a cut in salary to move to XXXX but his alimony was not reduced. He ended up paying her more than half of his salary each month as well as keeping a life insurance policy (payable to her upon his death) up to date each month. He and I met in 2005 and were married in July of 2006. With my knowledge and approval, he canceled his life insurance policy and discontinued his alimony payments. He had letters to appear in court but ignored them. He resigned his job and moved to Arkansas, where he tried to find a job but didn't have any luck.

In December of 2007 XXXX had four-by-pass heart surgery and decided to retire at the age of 62. He has applied twice for disability but it has not been approved. We knew that XXXX had almost immediately gone to work in Jacksonville (even though her attorney had said that she was not well enough to work) and we also knew that her parents (she was an only child) had passed away after the divorce and that she had inherited a large amount of money. Therefore, we foolishly thought that perhaps she was not pursuing getting the alimony restored.

XXXX and I had our problems, which we are working on, and he lives in an apartment across town from me, which literally only has a bed, two TV Trays, Two lamps and a tiny kitchen table and chairs. That is all he has. We still see each other and stay with each other quite often and are trying to work things out. Last week he had gone back to his place to get some things before he took me to the airport to go to a family wedding. My door bell rang and a man, who had Sheriff embroidered on his shirt, said, "Is XXXX here?" I said, "No." He said, "Do you know XXXX?" I said, "No." He said, "How long have you lived here?" I replied," four or five years." He had a file with a photo on the front page. I couldn't see the photo. He turned around and walked to his car, which was parked in the neighbor's driveway. He got in, stopped in front of my house for a moment and drove away. I suspect he was a PI or a bounty hunter and not a bona fide law official.

Needless to say, we are very concerned and wonder who he was and what might happen to XXXX. Do you have any advice for us? I suggested that we get a local attorney and tell him what is going on but I'm not sure that would do any good. Do you think they will try to extradite him back to Florida? If so, I'm afraid there is no hope for him.