Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Victim #26 - Greedy Wife Threatens To Kill Husband During Divorce Proceedings

After my X (on the advice of her attorney, a fact I have confirmed) tainted our divorce proceeding with a series of lies and actions, including a restraining order, making it look like I was abusing her, I requested my petition for divorce be withdrawn so there could be a time for cooling off before proceeding.

Because she had threatened to kill me on several occasions (something I believed she would and could do), for my own safety I moved to CA. In my absence, my request to withdraw my petition was denied and her request for default divorce was granted instantly along with $4000/per month (not a typo) permanent lifetime alimony + fully paid medical & dental and a $1,000,000 life ins. policy naming her beneficiary.

Before I left, I made sure she got more than half of all the marital property. I signed over the marital residence and her vehicle to her. Not enough. As part of the decree, she was awarded all my personal possessions, most owned by me long before we were married, including my tools. I did not make a lot of money and never could or was able to pay the awarded alimony, insurance, etc.

After going back to work in CA, she came after me in CA with some Beverly Hills Attys., and had it set up for the court to take 75% of my pretax income. I went to the hearings (representing myself as I could not afford an attorney) and no matter what I said or presented to the court on my behalf, it was rejected out of hand and never considered. The court seemed pre disposed to give her all she asked for and more.

I quit work. This at least stopped her action for now, but I now live with the threat and constant fear that she will get the State to throw me in jail until I agree to work and pay her. FYI she can and has worked, ran her own successful business.

We have no children of our own, she has two adult children (I helped rear and support). She now resides in Indiana. I want to go back to work but fear the instant I do the State will be right there taking it all and giving it to her. I am in the process of filling bankruptcy. Is there a way to get this outrageous alimony decree off my back?

I think I now understand a little of how the slaves in the old south must have felt after they managed to escape, always living in fear, never sleeping, and always looking over their shoulder. Please help.