Friday, July 25, 2008

Victim #40: Second Wife Feels Financially Raped By Spouse's Ex

I married a man who was recently divorced, I had nothing to do with his divorce, they were already in process and had retained attorneys. His ex drug out the divorce for almost 3 years. When it was finally ordered he was ordered to pay 1500 a month. An impossible amount.

Went to court for a reconsideration request, and we paid what we could each month. 6 months later she took him back for contempt. now has to pay her pay her 2000 a month, or go to jail!!

This is a able bodied woman who is always out shopping, she has a retirement she failed to reveal, she has to 2 woman who died that named her beneficiary, she has a boyfriend living with her, and receives govt assist and a monthly check, works under the table and commits welfare fraud.

Meanwhile my diabetic aging husband 52, is working day and night 2 jobs, trying to make this outrageous alimony payment. All his income is going to support her. So now the courts have caused financial abandonment to me and my children.

I am unable to go out to work as I have an infant child, and a ADHD 8 year old. The judge knows this... When my husband went for his request for a reduction, we were in the middle of a bankruptcy and his small business had fallen l victim to the economy. But!! The judge goes ahead and accepts accepted income records from 2004!!! to base his decicion on. Divorce was finalized in late 2007. The judge didn't care that there is another woman with 2 children his decision impacted.

I would think that whatever the courts decide they should err on the margin of DO NO HARM - NO FURTHER HARM the extended families and children on both sides that are directly impacted by their decision. Instead, he has put another family into foreclosure, onto the street, and put more burden on the public assistance programs and community that now have to take care of a family of 4, because the judge threw them out with the bathwater when making his outrageously generous decision.

This is not the 50's anymore. Women can work, can get online degrees, get their degree online, start home based or community business. This woman has amassed close to 100k from the original settlement, being a beneficiary in 2 womens wills, and now has taken over 10k out of our low income destitute budget in 1 year. We mad 16K last year. When told of this, he said "In this court I am God, and what I said, stands, regardless" regardless of the fact we have an infant and a learning disabled child, both of which receive govt assistance. WIC & medicaid. State documention of being in these programs proves our destitution. We only make 1600 a month as a family.

I was raised to believe in the legal system and that it was there to protect people who live by Gods and mans law. I was very disappointed in by being an innocent bystander myself and my children's futures and lives are being repeatedly (monthly) being financially raped and beaten by a system designed to provide a sense or order and justice for all. What happened to my rights?? My Pursuits/??

What do I have to do, divorce this guy too so my kids and I can get the courts to reduce her order so my children can have food?? Does child support superseed previous alimony payments, if the children suffer from that order.?? What is the matter with this system!!!