Friday, July 4, 2008

Victim #28 - CSE Makes Support Reporting Error - Victim Faces Jail

Hi campers:

Here's the latest.
I went to court today because of arrears (again). After being allowed to put up a small (restricted by the judge) defense, I was told that I have to pay $1,005.25 purge (again) by December 9th or I will be sent to jail for 60 days.

Most likely, I will be spending Christmas in jail because I am unemployed and poor. And I thought that debtor's prison was abolished.

Again, the fact that the support payments were overpayed, and not credited, were ignored by the courts. None of that matters since, appearances, CSE is not capable of error (so say the courts and state law).

You have to love that the courts know that the numbers that CSE gives them are wrong, but you still have to pay them as well as a purge. No one has yet to explain to me what this purge will do or anything about it.

What a wonderfully fascist society we are living in.