Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Victim #27 - Ex Refuses To Become Self-Sufficient - Hides Income

Hello. Don't know if anyone can help, but thought I would explain the situation and see if anyone has any ideas.

February, 1997 dissolution with permanent alimony award. Former wife was 46 at time of July, 1995 filing. Former wife never employed outside the home after September, 1981. Parties married in June, 1973,she 24, me 22.

Permanent alimony modified due to income reduction of myself in October, 1999. Second and last child reached age of majority, May, 2004. Now in college which I am voluntarily providing to my only daughter. Other child from marriage, son, is independent at 23. Lives out of state.

Former wife refuses to return to work force. From February, 1998 through August, 2002, cared for 90 plus mother in former marital home (she got it in the equitable distribution) on 24/7 basis. (Withdrew her from nursing home and accepted her social security check to help defray expenses). Her mother passed away in August, 2002.
Son will only say the inheritance from my former mother in law to my former wife was "substantial". There is no probate filed (elderly lady had disposed of all real estate) to verify.

I have not seen a tax return of former wife since 1999. Last financial affidavit of hers was September, 1999. Largely bogus. Inflated non-marital liabilities to her former attorneys and forensic accountants. They literally raped her financially.

While I could "accept" some continued alimony, problem is that former wife's assets from the initial equitable distribution and inheritance have substantially increased (somewhat speculative on my part due to above absence of evidence produced), and I do not know if she truly has any more "need" for alimony.

By contrast, paying for son's college and now my daughter's college just starting, since I was "wiped out" by the judge's unequal equitable distribution (I was guilty of adultery with dissipation of marital assets), I cannot "catch up" my own retirement account to come anywhere near hers.

Also, since former wife volunteers over 1000 hours as a tutor at the local high school for FCAT challenged students, should I have to "subsidize" her vocational choices which are non income producing over 10 years from the date of final separation? (July, 1994). Current alimony is 28% of base salary gross. Base salary slightly exceeds $100K. Neither party has re-married. No cohabitation, etc by either party to claim some type of expenses splitting going on.

That is the sad tale. Thanks for listening.