Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Victim #39: Alimony Slave Hopes For A Miracle To Ease His Burdens

I live in XXXX. I remarried and THAT is what made my former wife furious. After leaving me for our accountant, I met and married a wonderful woman. And guess what? It didn't work out with the married she is filled with so much venom. My wife is a teacher and I am a digital technician with XXXX, so both of us earn modest salaries. My current wife's ex owes in excess of 20K in back child support, and my wife is putting her 3 children through college herself. You should have heard the LIES about our "lifestyle"...I'm sure you've been through it all just as we are going through it now. The legal fees will be argued in the middle of July...just guess who will have to pay BOTH sides???

My IRA is almost depleted, while the ex CHOSE to blow her division of assets on absurd things such as legal defense fees for my oldest daughter's live-in boyfriend. Then she boo-hooed in court about not having an IRA. The commissioner felt totally sorry for her while we didn't even bring up the affair on her part. My other daughter is mentally disabled (almost 23) and she allowed boy of normal intelligence to move in with them...and put my daughter on birth control. Did I have any sayso? Not a word, but she sure wants my money.

Which brings me to wife and I try to be good Christians. Is anyone who is involved in this "movement" praying on this issue? There are too many good, HONEST men who have been totally burned by these absurd, antiquated laws. You may think we sound like fanatics, but my wife and I truly believe that it will take a MIRACLE to have these laws turned around. We also believe that prayers are more powerful when "two or more are gathered in His name." I hope there are others out there who feel the same.

My wife has written to Bush and received a response telling us to go the the Senators and Reps. Senator Atwater's office has promised to look into it. Because my base salary is only 55K, the ex is really wiping me out. I used to work overtime for the "extras". Now I work it to pay her and her slimy attorneys...yes she has quite a few working to squeeze the life out of me. Her base is 42K , and, lo and behold, she had to stop working any overtime for quite a few different reasons (all lies, of course). I'm not ALLOWED to even consider not working overtime, and I'm 54.

Thanks for all your work. Let me know about a "prayer alliance". My current wife is willing to get the ball rolling on that one.