Sunday, July 27, 2008

Victim #41: Financial Incentives Of Divorce Encourages Cohabitation To Avoid Loss Of Alimony Welfare Payments

In Sept. 1999 my wife of 27 years went to work for a "friend" left home moved in with him and filed for divorce. Since she had not worked for our entire marriage (her choice) my lawyer told me that since Florida was "no fault" I needed to arrange an agreement. He told me if I went to court I would lose 50% of everything. Part of the resolution was $1000/mo alimony to death or remarriage and life insurance to make sure the alimony was paid.

Today she still lives with this guy and has taken over his position as director of a small private school. This is background. State Sen. Gary Siplin from Orlando has just had bill SB0152 signed into law by Gov. Bush on 6/10.

It not much but it's a start. It at least let's me ask the courts for relief based on her relationship. It may help some of us. I have already filed papers.