Sunday, June 8, 2008

Victim #7 - Unjust Pay Garnishment By The State

Divorced 21 years ago. 10 years ago I pursued visitation with my child. 10 years ago, at the visitation hearing and as my ex told me if I ever pursued the notion to see our child she would interfere........I was hit with a $12,000.00 alimony arrearage! My state closed the child support/alimony case June of 2004 when our child graduated. Earlier this year, this state went directly to my employer with the original case as if I still owed child support and began deducting over $100.00 a week, no notice or court hearing. Yes, this was settled to the original amount of $100.00 a month for the alimony arrearage, until I was hit with over a $10,000.00 bill a week later with no notice or court hearing. This amount, unfounded. Once again, this was settled with a bland apology from the case worker. According to this agency, I still owed $3015.00 as of this month. Without warning or even a nudge, this state sent a 100% statutory net collection to my work because I get a bonus for the first time in four years. Unsure if this will affect my weekly pay.......if so, look for my family and I under a bridge in a card board box for Christmas.