Thursday, June 26, 2008

Victim #24: Third Wife Speaks Out About Alimony Injustice

Before I married my husband Alimony was no big thing to me . This is my 3rd marriage I was married long enough to both of my ex-husband's to receive alimony but it was never an option for me for my mom taught me self reliance and how to be responsible for myself.

After I married my husband I have realized how bad the courts have disabled people with permanent Alimony, and how the courts have made my husband and my family a slave to his ex-wife. We are enslaved by her for we can't even buy a home because he pays to much in Alimony , but yet he makes too much money to get any kind of assistance from the state but yet if she applies, she get's it.

It started out my husband and his ex-wife after 4 years of marriage, she had been and continued to be abusive to him. She thinking along the lines of if I have a baby it will save my marriage. She stopped taking her birth control without consulting with her husband, took it upon herself to plan this pregnancy with not taking into to consideration of his feelings. Well it worked for 9 years and even after the child was born, she didn't change. He stayed because he didn't want to fail at be being a good husband and father.

But the Judge did order permanent Alimony. I feel that enslavement of the permanent Alimony has disabled her seeking employment because, it has been made to easy for her to sit at home and do nothing. She continues to take him back to court atleast once a year for more money to improve her life which disables us to persue Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness. How unjustifiable does the Justice system have to be before they want to change, how many of them are paying permanent Alimony? How far are they willing to go before they want to catch up to the times of here and now?