Friday, June 6, 2008

Victim #5 - Alimony Taken From Vet's Disability Payments

I am a 57 year old male that was from the great state of Florida. I now live in XXXX State. I retired from the Army in 1986 with 23.8 years of military service. Then went to work for XXXX state corrections and was injured after 6 years of duty in 1996. I now receive disability from the military, SSI, and from the state.

I married a woman in 1994 that had 2 adult children. I myself have 2 adult children also. The point I am making is we had no children together. My wife has 6 grandchildren and I have 2.

We decided to get a divorce. Things have really gotten rotten since then. The first court we went though, I have been ordered to pay her $1500.00 dollars a month for spousal support. That's the term they use out here to say ALIMONY/BLOOD Money.

We where not married when I was in the Military. But yet, even though I receive a 100% disability they can still make me pay her. We are suppose to go to the next court in the near future. God help me, Because I will need it.

What we need is an organization like yours nation wide. Maybe then it could help.