Saturday, June 21, 2008

Victim #19 - Stripped Of All Assets - Faces Contempt Of Court

Just like the guy selling Ginzu Knives on television says: "But wait, there's more!" Part of the problem was that in the midst of all this, I had no representation. Couldn't afford it.

When I married my ex, I had a net worth of $1.1 M - what she didn't go through, my now-45 year-old son, a stock broker and certified financial planner with XXXX took care of.

He had been managing my portfolio for years - very successfully. God knows what happened, but he began selling off my stock without my knowledge. Total loss of $250K. He had had power of attorney for years to do that and had always been most ethical and scrupulous.

He also got his wife's grandma's trust for $600K and one of XXXX corporate clients for $2M. He's now under indictment by the feds for mail fraud (Tampa).

The reason I mention this is because I had given my son direction to send money for the mortgage on the house in Coral Springs to my ex. I was on an overseas contract at the time and the divorce proceedings were just starting.

The net result was that when I thought I would have the funds to meet the requirements of the "agreement" - but when I went to the cupboard, the cupboard was bare. I have been working to pay her and keep my house ever since.

Now, four days before Christmas, my international employer decided to mothball the power plant for which I was the warranty and quality manager. I am now looking for work - not an easy task since, although folks say they don't look at age - they most certainly do.

So, again, I have been served with contempt papers and an order to have the income deduction order from the Navy continued until God knows when. The court date in 9 March in XXXX. I have no intention of putting myself in the same room with someone who has threatened my life. Besides, I can't afford the travel costs.