Thursday, June 19, 2008

Victim #18 - Agrees With Victim #17

Everything you said is right on. In addition, in my case, 4K/month lifetime, it will keep her from every marrying again. All that from an 18 year marriage with no kids!!! Like I told my attorney, no one can work in corporate america for only 18 years and retire with a 4K/month pension, yet this is what my ex got.

The trial courts are not the answer and in my opinion not even the upper courts because if you have the assets, the system is made for the attorneys to litigate back in forth until all your assets are sucked dry.

Your perspective that it is a "limited divorce" is a great way to put it. You are only divorced in that you do not live together, but you are still married in that you still support her.

Never in my life could I ever imagine that a system like this existed in this country. Most of my friends that are not divorced actually think I am lying or exagerating when I tell them how it really is.

I for one, will never ever get married again and I advise any guy that is thinking about marriage not to do it.