Thursday, June 19, 2008

Victim # 17 - Marriage Is Too Risky


The ONLY solution I have come to when it comes to divorce/alimony is to NOT EVER PLAY THE GAME - i.e Marriage. My experience comes from my case in the XXXX SUPREME COURT, and in the end my ex was awarded PERMANENT ALIMONY.

My experiences in the Circuit Court of XXXX, the Special Appeals Court of XXXX and the Supreme Court of XXXX is that its useless to try to get a hearing in what is fair for the 2 spouses involved. You see... there is a 3rd party in the matter....and whether you realized or not, its the STATE.

If YOU READ BETWEEN THE LINES (and you have to to understand whats really going on here) is that ALIMONY is ALL ABOUT INSURANCE THAT THE STATE will NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THE WOMAN when she is older and more vulnerable.

BEFORE $1 of Medicaid or Medicare is paid for her support (in case that she can't afford herself) YOU (the ex) will be held responsible before the taxpayers (the State) are on the hook.

Alimony in my opinion is really a Limited Divorce.... You, the traditional bread-winner, although you may be awarded a divorce..... its just a limited Divorce.... You are still financially responsible.

I think that a lot of others are starting to realize that Divorce costs and the potential for Alimony are just too high of a cost to play this game Marriage....

I see a similarity in swimming pool high-dives.. .. You just don't see them anymore... And its because the potential legal risks/costs are just too high....

and the same with Marriage...