Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Victim #22 - 60% Of Social Secutiry Garnished To Pay For Lifetime Alimony

The XXXX district in and for XXXX county of Florida has a judgment against me for past alimony. My divorce was granted in 1986. The petitioner (my ex wife) went on to live with another man, thinking she was remarried I stopped paying alimony. Now she has left this individual and claiming past due alimony against me.

The arrears have amounted to $371,000.00, plus $1,850.00 per month for lifetime alimony. This is an over kill, considering that I was married to her for only twelve years and no children together. I raised her daughter that she had from a previous marriage. She made no contribution to our marriage, but the court ruled that her life style should not change. Therefore, lifetime alimony was granted.

On April 29, 2002, I was taken into custody and delivered to the XXXX County Jail and incarcerated for a period of 30 days on a contempt charge. I was not able to pay the $3,700.00 purge. As a result I was put into debtor's prison.

A garnishment has been placed on my Social Security. 60% of my social Security has been relinquished to my ex wife. She is now getting 100% of her Security and 60% of mine. My only income is $344.20 from my monthly Social Security.

I'm going on 70 years of age, it will be hard to get back to work, and my income would be subjected to garnishment by the courts to make up the $1,850.00 lifetime alimony.

What can I do to get out of this mess?