Sunday, June 22, 2008

Victim #20 - No Court Sympathy For The Sick

My case has been in the courts since 1989. I have diabetes, menere's disease, bells palsy, blood in my stool, vertigo and high blood pressure.

I have reached the point where I am now being forced to pay $185 a month in arrears even though my ex-wife makes over 50k a year and my twin sons are 21, drive brand new cars and my oldest son is 24 and drives a brand new car. My Sons live in a $200,000 home with pool and spa my ex bought, while I live in one room in My Mother's home.

I need specific case law that allows the court to remove the arrears payments based on the fact my health and the prescriptions and doctors visits eat up 100% of my 10k yearly salary. Can you help me with specific case law, simply that provides for cases where for medical reasons a Judge has granted the lifting of arrears payments due to a former husband's health condition?

It is a simple request. I am representing myself in this matter. I cannot afford an atty. She is provided one free by the state.