Thursday, June 5, 2008

Victim #4 - Second Wife Wants Husband Out Of Jail

Please advise if you can help. My husband has been jailed because he has arrears on his alimony payments (his child support has ceased - his son is now 18- and was always up to date). He pays what he can afford but is unable to pay the total monthly amount. We live in XXXX and although I understand legally he has been imprisoned on contempt charges (failure to comply with a court order) in reality he has been imprisoned because he does not make enough money to comply with the order. I thought slavery and debtors prison had been abolished.

Yes I am a 2nd wife. No, there are no assets to take into consideration. Judge XXXX awarded his ex wife his pension, their joint account....yes, he signed the divorce papers. The pre trial went on for about 5 years where she received EVERYTHING and Judge XXXX dismissed any evidence to show she was working, etc....Understand, this divorce never went to trial, even after 5 years. My husband was "advised " to sign the agreement as Judge XXXX was getting upset with him and if he didn't sign, things could get ugly.

I suggested as a joke that maybe my parents should refinance their home to pay for my husbands release from jail. His attorney (scumbag) thought that might be a good idea. He told me the court didn't care that might husband didn't have the money to secure his release from jail. They just want him to come up with the money from any source he can. Hopefully someone can help.