Thursday, June 12, 2008

Victim #12 - Alimony Destroys Attempt To Establish Second Family

I realize, by reading all of the emails, that there are many more men out there that are as bad or worse off than me. But I now need help to figure out what to do.

I made the ultimate mistake almost two years ago when I signed the divorce agreement during mediation. My attorney, the mediator, and her attorney told me that I could not afford to pay what I was offering and I didn't listen. The ex-wife still wanted to take me to court to get even more and her attorney told her that she would not and ended up quiting the case.

The problem is that while I was single living alone in XXXX Florida I could afford it with no extra money for anything. But then I remarried and had a baby. My current wife could not return to work and make enough to pay for child care which was 300/wk in WPB.

Then the one project that I completed for the company in XXXX ended up losing almost 1/2 million (not my fault) but I was being blamed anyway. I was going to lose my job there so I desperately interviewed at other construction companies within an hours drive. I couldn't get another job without a degree so I looked all over the US. I found and took a job in XXXX but the company was very unstable so I finally got a job in XXXX where the cost of living is lower to help offset the income difference.

My new in laws helped us get a 900sf cabin that I had to finish the inside and we moved in. Our mortgage payment is only 290/mth but this still does not fix the problem. We have two vehicles that we are over 7k upside down in each and cannot sell them or let them get repossessed. So I am stuck paying 1000k/mth in car payments.

I am 4 months behind all credit cards that I have used because I could not afford alimony over the past year and a half. I thought about bankruptcy but I don't think I could afford that. And even if I could, how could I get another car to continue to work.

We do not go out to eat, to see movies, or buy anything that isn't necessary and I just can't afford to live. If my ex-wife would not have killed my credit by not paying bills for four months while I sent her money for them, I probably would have been alright. This wasn't court ordered so the judge simply said that it was nice of me to send her the money for nothing.

I have tried so hard to pay her what I agreed to but I have finally run out of credit and income. Sorry to make this so long and boring but I have no where to turn for support and I really just do not know what to do. I just spent the last week surviving on 19 dollars and every piece of change that I could find laying around. I am tired of living like this.