Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alimony Victime #173: Letter to Bill O'Reilly

Mr. O'Reilly:

You are getting a goodly amount of emails concerning alimony reform, I assume.

I would like to offer a couple sub-sets of the alimony scheme disaster.

I was placed in servitude by the state of Florida, for life, hers not mine, and since she is litigious to a fault I fear for anyone whom she may perceive will benefit from my estate.  Her alimony is to be paid from my estate after I die.

I have a significant other but don't dare marry for fear of lawsuit for my S.O. from the "X".  The family law mafia have made it illegal to marry with out a license and based on past experience with licensing myself to the state I won't do that again.  So I am living a life of sin. 

My younger son was so appalled by the state authorized treatment his mother gave me in the divorce that he did not marry.  As a result my only namesake is a bastard.

I think these situations were anticipated by our founding fathers and that is why we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Alimony and the family law Mafiosi is running contrary to the Constitution and is a travesty.  Expose it!