Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alimony Victim #174: Another Letter to Bill O'Reilly


I have been watching you since 2001. Without blowing too much sunshine up your butt, let me say I appreciate what you have done for children and especially your efforts to get Jessica's Law passed in many states and putting pressure on the rest.

At 36 years old, I did my part as a father and husband. My wife of 18 years asked for a divorce. In the divorce, I was faced with lifetime alimony. I also had to quit claim the house to my ex-wife and agreed to pay it off.

I was to pay $1100 a month child support. In all, I was paying $5,300 a month. I knew at the time I would not be able to afford this, but i was told by my attorney it would be $50,000 up front to fight this in court.

I have lost everything, Bill. I had to sell what little I had and move to Georgia. I now work at my mechanic shop during the day and for the airlines at night. I send her 80% of what I make but it doesn't cover the whole amount. I am in contempt of court.

Please address lifetime alimony in one of your segments. You just had a debate between two attorneys about a man that was paying alimony to his ex-wife who is now a domestic partner with another woman. One attorney said he should still pay. Why? Why should he be paying in the first place?

We are the new slaves in America. It is legal although unconstitutional. Take a stand Bill. Skip one "body language" segment and help us out. We are men and women who suffer this indentured servitude.

We are not asking you to side with us. Just put out the facts and let your viewers start the ball rolling.