Monday, May 11, 2009

Victim #110: Women Should Grow Up and Support Themselves

My very wonderful husband really got taken to the cleaners in his divorce. He was married to his ex for 19 years when they seperated. He let her stay in the house while he lived in a hotel. He sent money every month even before the courts ordered him to.

Because his lawyer told him it would pay off in the end. He paid all the bills untill he couldn't pay anymore and finally had to file bankrupcy and forecloser on the house whil she refussed to get a job.

His lawyer never showed up for the pretrial, so the judge ordered him to pay $1,200 a month plus all the utilites. My husband had to get a new attorney and the judge made his final judgement while saying that my husband should have picked a better attoney and then he wouldn't be getting so screwed.

$1,200 a month, life insurance, college for thier 23 year old, and her attorney fees. All alimony for life or until she remarries. Not fair.

How can a state award a woman who choses not to work that much money a month, but will allow a father to get a way with $49 dollars a week to raise a child? That is what I get for my child. The state needs to do something about this. There needs to be fairness in the world. I don't want my child to grow up, get married, realize that maybe they made a mistake, and have to pay for the rest of his life.

Plus what really angers me is that I belive that women have come further than this in the world. We are self-sufficent human beings and we don't need an ex husbands money to make a success out of your life.

I wish I had more child support for my child, but I don't need it. I give him all that he needs, it just would help with the wants. But women that are grown and have childeren who are grown up, should grow up themselves and support themselves. This is how I feel.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Victim #109: Good Men Forced To Leave The U.S.

This forum has brought me some sense that I'm not alone. That has given me comfort. I have grown greatly from the experience. It speaks of the pressures I face, and many others face, the liberties that can be taken away, and they are serious mental burdens, and they impact the most important things in life--friends, family and children, and freedom.

Children should have both parents always, and men should remain productive and not penalized because they have been amazing at their careers. So many men have left the US and are planning to leave the US . . . good men, who care about their families. Why do they have to go? It's the US family law system. That's what it is.

I guess because I'm a lawyer, many have asked me to take the soap box and speak for all those that suffer, from greedy women. I am getting closer to that. I know now I have a calling, for good decent men, and for children suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). The stories I've heard, oh my.

There is a class of American women that are so disgustingly greedy, lazy and yes, evil. The court system has embraced this. The people I've spoken to by the phone, especially over the past few weeks. It's a crazy scene that I know is ripe for a documentary, a book (I've written two), a TV news piece . . . it's a story that needs to be told.

The family law legal system in the US is archane, outdated and unjust, especially when one considers our founding fathers' basic principals about equality, freedom, and the pursuit to happiness. Good productive, loving, caring men should not have to leave the country to be able to support themselves and live and breathe.

I've spoken to so many men that have left the US, or are considering leaving. I'm a lawyer/writer/artist/musician, and I feel, like many have said, I am the guy that needs to stand up and fight this war, to enlighten all, across the globe, to show that change needs to happen within the legal system and within our contemporary society. I am ready.

I'm outside the country now, missing my family, but that's what I have had to do to escape the greedy, evil whore that pounds me every day (today including--she filed AGAIN today for more costs and legal fees--it's been over two years now) for money that doesn't exist, and the legal fees which are endless for her and for me . . . it's been over $100,000 to date. Insanity.

I'm a professional that used to make 6 figures. Now, outside the country, for the first time in two years, and after she told me she wanted a divorce (oh, on the day of my father's funeral!), for the first time, I'm not sleeping on an air mattress living with crazy roommates I do not know. I eat beans and rice daily, but I'm happy to be away from the evil ICE PRINCESS.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Victim #108: Lawyers Are of Little Help

I have hired my second lawyer in the town of Enterprise, Alabama. Me and my husband are out $4,400.00 and 10 trips to Alabama on fighting alimony and college support for his daughter. He has two kids, one 19 and the other soon to be 21. We are also trying to get support stopped on his 20 year old son.

My husband is in the Army and works 18 hours a day and is getting tore up. He has made 10 trips back home to meet with lawyers and court and nothing gets done.

He was paying alimony but his daughter turned 19 on March 30,2009 and now his ex wants to modify and get alimony for 3 more years. The divorce says she gets it until she re-marries, co-habitats or when the children turn the majority age. Well they have so how can she keep getting? Please help me, I can't get my lawyer to call us, he took our check but has been no help.

I had to call the court house to find out she filed February 19 ,2009 for this and the post-majority for college. My husband had an appointment with him on March 25, 2009 and HE DID NOT EVEN MENTION THIS TO US.



Friday, May 1, 2009

Victim # 107: Problem With Foreign Wife

I have a good one for you,

June 30 2005 I was married to a Ukrainian woman in the Ukraine. I helped her immigrate to the United States and even helped her get her drivers license and SSN.

I was working in Iraq and had planed on finishing up and coming home to live happy ever after. I was home three days in June of 2008 when she hit me with a protective order with a court date that was after my return to work date in Iraq. I got a lawyer and he entered an agreement with no court finding of abuse (I was already back in Iraq) I was not present to defend myself.

I filed for a divorce realizing I have been the victim of a scam. The long story short, she got a free ride to the states and $24,000 in alimony. Not to mention she has already filed contempt of court charges because after my hearing in February of 2009, she was still under the protective order and the court ordered me to make payments to her. No address, no telephone number, no information at all, and no way for me under a protective order to get any info. The courts didn’t even provide as much as a post office box number. Prime example of West Virginia Justice.

During the divorce I had the woman investigated in the Ukraine, came to find out she was a former prostitute and was even arrested by the KGB once for selling stolen property. Gave the info to the department of homeland security and the USCIS. They did nothing but plug me into the county West Virginia Sheriff's dept. By the way, her best friend is a deputy in the county Sheriffs dept.

This woman even hired a translator and pretended not to speak English in front of the judge at my final divorce hearing. The story about this woman only gets worse as I go on. But even that I have offered to take and pay for a polygraph test, my lawyer said it would do no good.

I only have $13,000 to go before I am finished with alimony. I just hope I don’t get tossed into jail before I finish paying it off. This woman even had my marriage expunged from the local court house in Lutsk, Ukraine before I even had a chance to file for a divorce in the United States! Complete scam artist and getting a free ride courtesy of the West Virginia Family Law Judge!

It would be nice if 20/20 or Prime time got a hold of my story. Not to mention the lady that needed a translator left my house with her best friend the sheriffs deputy, and though she can’t speak English in front of the judge, she done a darn good job making me look like a mad man on the protective order. Her buddy the deputy may have helped (what do you think?) This is so insane and stupid.

I am in Iraq at this moment. She cleaned thousands out of my account then when I returned home from Iraq for a 10 day vacation, all the food was rotten in the house, there was mouse crap on everything. the grass in the front yard was waist high, and no one was living at my house!

It was a total scam from the get go. She is advertising on the internet to this day looking for a husband/victim! Olga C. of Lutsk, Ukraine. Come to find out she was even a PROSTITUTE in her home town! YUCK! she acted like a perfect person. It was her job.