Thursday, December 31, 2009

Victim #143: Abusive Adulterous Ex-wife Hassles Her Former Husband

Yes, this is true! what can we do about it? I'm the wife of a man whose first wife had sex with anyone who would have her and when he finally had evidence and confronted her, she decided to openly "date" other men.

When he told her to leave the house, she had the police waiting for him the next day when he returned to work - of course, she claimed that he physically abused her. The housekeeper told the police this wasn't true and they left. However, this witch has played victim ever since.

Since she is a social worker (but barely works part-time), she knows how to push every button with the courts and continues to wreak havoc in our lives. She brainwashed their child and has rallied everyone she can to believe that my husband is an abuser.

She is after money and control of the kid and having people feel sorry for her and she runs up outrageous legal fees and then cries to the court and they make my husband pay! Oh, and by the way, we know that a friend of hers who died of AIDS left her a large sum of money which she has apparently hidden.

She also has the house and we are renting! She gets child support and has been getting alimony for 7 years! Any attorney we go to wants $10,000 up front to even review the case. Meanwhile, we keep getting stuck for her attorney bills because we do have some cash and didn't hide it.

She even has an attorney for the 12 year old kid and we have to pay for that! The court appointed therapist tells my husband that she guilty of parental alienation and yet he won't tell the court about it because it will "interfere with therapy"! It seems that the court system is wired to keep making the guy pay no matter what!

What can we do?! I hope you will publish your articles everywhere you can. You really tell it like it is-succinctly and to the point.

With shared frustration.


Victim #142: South America Bound

I am about to relocate to Latin America. My ex continues to sue and pursue, even when I have no assets left, no retirement left, and no income at the moment (it's been a year now).

I am a professional, and the original order pounded me for CS and alimony.  I lost my job and the money has been building like crazy.  It's been twenty months since she told me she wanted a divorce,  AT MY FATHER'S FUNERAL!  She has legally pounded me blind.

I have a motion to modify pending, based on a substantial change of circumstances.  Her lawyer continues to attack me seeking more and more legal fees etc.  I owe the bitch thousands and thousands, accoriding to the court.  I've been living like a vagabond with friends and family.

I received a consulting offer in Latin America.  I've accepted it.  I'm leaving soon, because I expect no justice whatsoever from the court system.  I have nothing left, and she got everything . . . not just my past, but she continues to attach and attack my future to such an extent, I'll be left living in a gutter. 

I'm thinking, when I leave for good, I might as well not pay CS or alimony.  F??k her.  What will the US try to do to me?


Victim #141: Second Wife Suffers Along With Husband

My husband was divorced over 5 years ago and was ordered to pay
$1,200. per month in alimony to his ex wife From the state of New
Jersey. (we now reside in florida)

After paying for over a year, we decided to take it back to court to
try to get a reduction or modification.

During the waiting process, he continued to pay her, and we went into
forclosure and we were forced to sell our home.

To make a long story short, the judge completely denied the motion.
(even though his ex was now working 2 jobs) originally she claimed
she was physically and mentally unable to work.

After the judges denial my husband quit his job, and got another job.
Needless to say she has found us again, and his work was ordered to
garnish his wages again.

We are desperate. we live very modestly and like most others, live
paycheck to paycheck.

Are there any states that do not enforce the uresa law? We are
seriously thinking of moving out of the state or out of the country
if necessary...

Any help is appreciated.


Wife No. 2 Paying for Wife No. 1? Join the Club

Massachusetts' 2nd Wives Club Lobbies to Change Rules on Alimony Payments
ABC NEWS Business Unit
Nov. 6, 2009

Stress over alimony payments to her husband's ex-wife nearly drove Deborah Scanlan to divorce. Helping her husband make alimony payments to his ex forced Jeanie Hitner to take on a second job. Both Massachusetts women now say they wish they'd never gotten married.

Welcome to the 2nd Wives Club.

The club, which claims 70 members and counting, consists mostly of married women who say that Massachusetts judges' rulings forced them to contribute to alimony payments for their partners' ex-wives. Together with its parent group, Mass Alimony Reform, the club is lobbying the state legislature to stop that practice and institute several reforms to alimony law.

The MA chapter is a branch chapter of the Alliance for Freedom From Alimony, Inc. [] who got them started several years ago and provided the legal help and support they needed to get their fight started in the courts. After getting established, they pursued their fight with the legislature and have garnered increasing public awareness of the inequities of lifetime alimony in addition to how it affects successor families of the spouse paying alimony.

To find out if there is a branch chapter near you or to find out how to change the laws in your state, go to the website and check it out or send an email to Dick Lindsey, Chairman at: