Saturday, February 21, 2009

Victim #99: Long Tale of Woe

Help me get this story out in the open. This is a twelve year ongoing battle about legal issues and the fraud involved against government agencies that they don't seem to care about even when given facts. I will try to keep this as short as I can, but it does cover twelve years.

In August of 1995 I filed for divorce after being separated for ten months. We were married in Feb 1976, we were both high school graduates and we both worked similar paying jobs. I was a landscaper and she was a clerk/cashier.

In Dec we had a son and soon after she went back to work whereas I stayed home, having the winter off, to take care of our son during the day. In the spring, when I returned to work, my mother-in-law would watch our son while we worked. This was how it went for 4 years. Then in 1981 I became unemployed for 3 years and became the "house husband" and took care of raising our son while she worked.

In 1984 I got into the printing business on the ground floor as a bundle maker, but by now our son was 8 years old, going into the third grade and we lived downstairs from my mother, who would watch him after school until one of us got home. I get into detail on this because she has tried to use the argument that "she gave up any future career to become a housewife".

Over the next ten years, I worked my way up to being a press operator and at the time of our separation, she had worked her way up to a shift supervisor and was eligible for benifits if she needed them. We separated in Oct of 1994 and she still kept working, so far, so good.

Now comes Aug 1995 and she received the complaint for divorce. She did the following: 1 - got a lawyer (nothing wrong with that), 2- quit her job, and 3-filed for temporary alimony to go back to school and increase her earning potential. The alimony was granted, to which I agreed at the time, in Sept. Everything seemed pretty above board to me at the time but from here on in it gets very interesting.

We were back in court in March of 1996 to finalize the divorce and along with the education reason tried to say her depression and anxiety affected her ability to work. Right after our son was born, while working through some post-partum depression she became familiar with the term "agoraphobia". Of course, she went back to work at the time and agoraphobia was forgotten about. Now in 1996, it was a reason to not be able to work.

I knew that at least once a week, she drove to the town I lived in, from where she lived, two towns over. I figured I would get a picture of her driving to help me challenge the "not able to leave the house" claim. Hard lesson #1, she filed for a restraining order and it was granted because obviously photographs must; make her fear for her life.

The fact of the matter is during our 18 year marriage there was never any abuse or reports of any, a fact my son and even her own family members can attest to. If anything, when I left, she did nothing but beg me to come back and when she realized that I wasn't, she decided to "punish" me.

The restraining order went one year and then she let it drop. Because she would not let me know anything she was doing, I filed the first of my alimony modifications to at least find out how the schooling was going in 1999, three years after the divorce.

Going before Judge Stevens, I found out she was taking a correspondence course in "forestry and conservation". The judge agreed that there should be some kind of finalization, but continued the case pending her finishing her course.

When we went back to court six months later we went before Judge Edward J. Rockett who without the benefit of looking at any of my evidence or hearing anything I had to say, proceeded to reprimand me for even bringing this to trial, as he would not have let it get this far, and that if I went further and went to trial he would more than likely increase the alimony.

Taking that as the threat it was, I dropped the case and alimony was continued as it was. I finally figured I would need a lawyer if I was going to get anywhere. I got a transcript of my day in court with Judge Rockett and though most of what he had to say came through just fine, there was nothing I could do other than have him taken off my case due to prejudice. My lawyer didn't feel that was necessary, we filed a second modification went back in front of the judge and got him to agree to let us see the medical records which supposedly showed her inability to work.

For the period of 1995 to 1999 she was also collecting EAEDC which they stopped when they found out she had $100 a week of income which she never told them about. At the time of the granting of the viewing of medical records, she had applied for SSI, having lost the EAEDC so the case was continued until the SSI medical verdict was rendered.

Able to stall for a year, I was out of money and had to go on pro se. When I finally got back to court, I had none of the evidence I felt I needed but luckily I didn't go before Judge Rockett. The new judge, although she knew the direction I was trying to go, told me she would have to continue alimony because she could only make a ruling based on income, but that if I had proof of my allegations it could be a different story.

Just before this court date I received two very disturbing pieces of hate mail containing cut out letters and pictures with threatening messages, one addressed to me and one addressed to my present wife. Because they contained information only my ex-wife knew, it wasn't hard to figure out wher e they came from. At first I was going to ignore them, but on the advice of a mental health expert, I took them to the courthouse and filed for a restraining order March 1 2000. I went back on the ten day hearing and she had yet to be served, it seemed funny that someone so house bound would not be home every time the police went by.

On March 21, the day of the hearing, she came in and filed a retaliatory 209A based on no factual information. Because we both had an order before the judge, he granted them both, without ever listening to me or my defense. After the order was granted I became the victim, as the post office put it, of "merchandise abuse". I started receiving magazines I had supposedly subscribed to and had to send letters to over twelve different magazines cancelling and explaining why. Because it's merely considered a nuisance it is on the bottom of the importance scale and doesn't even warrant looking into by the post office.

After a year I vacated my 209A but she kept hers going until 2003 even though hers was granted without my being able to refute it or defend myself. Now, based on the "advice" I received from the judge the last time in court and my own experience with picture taking , I decided to try the "right" approach.

In the summer of 2004, I hired a private investigator to try and prove what I already had many people, some who have agreed to be witnesses, telling me about my ex-wifes activity. The whole time she has been claiming she can't work she has been very active in her social life, which I knew but had to prove.

After the report from the PI which covered the period of 05/04/04 - 07/23/04, I had pictures of her shopping, driving, going to pay a bill at a funeral home and attending a baby shower at a function hall that she planned for her sister-in-law. These were the events I had actual photos of but during that same period she also attended two weddings, another shower and went out to bars to hear bands. Again, these are only the times I'm aware of due to people telling me without me even asking.

In October, 2004 I believed it was the right time to hire a lawyer and file again for modification. I knew that the three months she was actually watched was typical of her behavior since 1994. Not at all "agoraphobic" and no sign of panic. After my lawyer contacted her for documents about her "condition" of not being able to work, she stalled as long as she could and finally gave some information.

In July 2005 she was brought in by my lawyer to be deposed and we ended up with 200 pages of, what I would have thought, very damaging evidence. She admitted to all kinds of social activity, far more than I was even aware of, but she still wouldn't sign any releases for SSI records for us to check how they reached their finding of her eligibility for disability. My lawyer filed a motion for disclosure but the best we could get from the judge is that the judge herself would look at the files and decide what information is pertinent to the case.

By the spring of 2006, my lawyer told me she felt that even with all my evidence the judge would still be looking for a "change of circumstance" in order to quit the alimony. What that says to me is, fraud is fine, even if you can show it's fraud, as long as it's continuous. My lawyer also told me that she "didn't want to take my money" because of how she now felt about the case, I guess $5,000 was enough.

Now, without a lawyer, I decided to speak with the SSI fraud division. The person I spoke with said they would be very interested in the information I had gathered. In April, 2006 I sent copies of everything I had so far, the PI report with photos, full copies of the deposition and a list of witnesses willing to testify.

During the summer and fall of 2006 I, along with my present wife of ten years, attended various functions involving my grandchildren that the ex-wife also attended. Confirmation, birthdays and the like.of which I have pictures of all of us attending and at which I never saw any signs of panic or even mild discomfort. These photos I added to my list of evidence and although I no longer had a lawyer, I filed for a trial date. Pre-trial was set for October 20, 2006.

On August 9, I called my ex-wife to set up a meeting and show her what I had for evidence and to bring a double alimony payment to cover 8/11 and 8/18. At that time she agreed on August 15, 7:30 pm at Dunkin' Donuts. It was my request for a highly public place because I've already been through two restraining order fiascos with her and I will never place myself alone with her again. She kept asking why I couldn't come to her house and I explained I didn't trust her.

On the night of the meeting, she called and said she wasn't going, I told her what I wanted to meet for and she accused me of "threatening her". This meant I now had to mail the check, which now would be late a day, and I also enclosed a letter saying I would meet her at her house if we could have witnesses present. I never got a reply.

On that friday, Aug 16, she ran down to the courthouse and filed contempt charges because she hadn't received the check I was going to hand her in person on the 15th. When she got the check on the 19th, she cashed it, I was caught up, but she went ahead with the contempt hearing anyway. This was the fourth time she has done this and for the fourth time it was dropped.

This woman has no problem using the courts for her own little retribution driven causes and she still has more as you will see. Finally I heard from her lawyer and we set Oct 6 as the day to get together and do exactly what I tried to do in Aug., go over the evidence.

It needs to be clarified at this point that since Aug 15 I have only dealt with the ex-wife through her lawyer. We went to court on Oct 20 for the pre-trial hearing and who do I get filling in that day Judge Edward J. Rockett. Although he tried to badger me into not setting a trial date, even going so far as to say I would be responsible for the legal fees of my ex-wifes lawyer "when I lost the case", I held firm and asked for my "legal right" for a trial. The trial date was set for Dec 21, 2006.

Also at this time I began having some physical problems starting in July of 2006 and worsened until I was finally found to have two ruptured discs in my neck. Because I was in a lot of pain and facing surgery, her lawyer and I have had the court date moved up to March 7, 2007, feeling I would have recovered enough from my Jan 4 surgery.

You would think that would be the end of the story, but as I said before, this woman will use anything, including the court system, to harrass. On the evening of Dec 26 there was a knock on my door. I opened the door to see two police officers and sure enough they serve me with another restraining order. The day I was supposed to appear was Jan 4, the day of my surgery.

She waited until Dec 19, hoping I would get served before Christmas, and she knew full well I was having surgery on Jan 4 because we moved the trial date. I had to go have the hearing changed until later and found out then that she was using the fact that I "threatened" her in Aug for filing in Dec. I also found at that time she started going to Community College ( agoraphobia, panic ? ) because that was listed as a place for me to stay away from.

When I went in to court on Jan 19, the restraining order was not granted because the judge said she has no evidence that she's in "fear for her life". To sum up the points I'm trying to make with this "novel" as follows;

1- the legal system doesn't want to even consider the possibility that the alimony is being awarded under false pretenses.

2- SSI seems to not be as interested in fraud as they claim to be. She has yet to be investigated or even contacted. A major problem this presents to me is that this lack of action by SSI is being used as a defense that she is doing nothing wrong. How anybody can read her deposition where, besides a full and unimpaired social life, she readily admits there is nothing preventing her from working at home, nothing hindering her day to day activities and so on, and not see the blatent fraud amazes me. Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of therapy knows everything is based on self disclosure so if a person knows the right things to say they can make anything believable unless someone actually looks into their activities rather than what they're being told.

3- The fact that she has no problem using the court system as a personal means of retribution by filing a number of frivolous restraining orders and contempt charges. The bottom line is I feel

I need to get my story out because I am getting nowhere with any authorities and I have already put myself too far in debt with the PI ($5000), Lawyers ($15,000+) and Alimony ($60,000+) to the point of losing my house, I'm in forclosure, ruining my credit and leaving me with a very bad taste from the legal system.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Victim #98: Doctor Searches For a Cure to His Dilemma

This is a story of a two and a half year divorce that has occurred in Florida. I will try to be brief in the things that have happened.

I am a professional. I make over $200,000 dollars a year. My ex wife did nothing for most of her life, including during the marriage. It was a long term marriage at 19years.

Unfortunately, I should have divorced long ago, but felt I had made a commitment. I met someone and did the noble and honest thing and said I wanted a divorce instead of carrying on something behind her back. That started the journey!

My ex wife decided to get a confrontational lawyer that had no regard for her and only for his pocket. The lawyer had a track record already with filing bankruptcy twice, a bar reprimand, married 5 times with one being one of his divorce clients as he was representing her during the divorce proceedings, and most recently, having to pay back 6 million dollars for overcharging his legal fees in an estate battle.

My ex's lawyer represented her on contingency, told her to stop working to create an income disparity, and started building up a $138,000 dollars bill over two and a half years. The lawyer thought he would then have me pay the bill, because she didn't have the money. I, on the other hand, could only afford a flat fee lawyer that unfortunately started off well, then was completely overwhelmed by the other attorney as he sent tons of motions and filings against me, depositions, and on...... to build up his bills.

My attorney was a private practitioner that had numerous other cases and stated he was spending most of his time answering the ex's lawyer and could not devote time to his other cases. I think it drove him mad, as his practice shut down at the end of the divorce, and he is not doing any more divorce work.

At one point my attorney did not show up for a scheduled deposition, and I had to pay a $2,000 dollar bill to the other attorney because my attorney did not show, and somehow I got attached to pay him, AND I WAS THERE! I resisted paying the other attorney on principal, but the judge ordered a sheriff to repossess my auto in order to pay the other attorney's bill. The other attorney lied to the judge and said I owned the auto outright, and the judge believed him I suppose, and sent the sheriff to satisfy the court order. So, I had to pay.

Then through all of this mess, I go to trial. The ex's attorney hires a forensic CPA and I have to get my bank records from 5 years ago to present, business documents, and on.... in order to make a projection on what I would make to pay my wife, her needs and expenses, and so on. My attorney decided not to do the same. Plus the forensic CPA was allowed into all of my depositions, and to pass notes during the trial to her attorney and was given a tap on the hand when my attorney objected.

So, there are many more things that happened, but too much to read. Then after the trial, the judge took 6 months to make the decision, ordered back dated alimony, stated I paid cash for my auto during the divorce proceedings, which did not happen. I was making payments. The judge gave her credit for the cost of the car that I supposedly paid cash for. He gave her the home, and a windfall of about $200,000 dollars because the judge took a lowball estimate form her attorney that was made after the divorce proceedings began, and should have been made on the value when divorce papers were filed. The same gentleman that did the home estimate at the time we bought the home did my estimate for the divorce.

Who do you think had a better idea on what the real value of the home, as compared to their side? Plus, during the divorce proceeding years, the value of the home actually increased. Again there are other things in the judges decision that were horribly one sided, mean spirited, or just plain wrong, plus here is the kicker... she awarded my ex $6,000 dollars a month in permanent alimony.

My ex has a college degree as an artist and master's teacher degree and could teach at even the college level, but do you think the judge imputed her ability to earn to that degree as she did to mine? A big fat NO! My attorney did not want to appeal the decision due to his personal problems, and what the other attorney did to his business and his personal life. So he suggested another attorney. The other attorney said to me it will be $20,000 dollars up front and you may not get anything changed. So here I am. Stuck.

I am now remarried, but I have this fictitious scenario to run past you people out there for comments. Let us just say there is this guy with the same kind of thing that has happened to him and he has a home in a South American country called Brazil that he could move to. This same guy has a buyer for his business that could put him into retirement at an early age, but the business will be purchased over a period of 4 years.

The only thing is, he does not want to pay his alimony anymore, and is trying to find a way to hide his money or make it impossible for his ex wife to get her hands on it, or her attorney. Also he is concerned what the judge could do to him if he decides to stop paying these alimony payments. Any comments on this fictitious story would be welcomed. Just a fun game to play, and it may help you all avoid Alzheimer's early onset. Tchau, and thank you all for taking the time to read my story in advance.


I am at the end of my rope! I just received a notice from the attorney now stating that the court is asking her why I am not living up to my bargain. I don't have $6,000 dollars a month to give to her. How is that? So I have called my attorney for an appointment next week. At that time I am telling her am not paying. I will then go to court and they can put me in jail. I will stay as long as I need and let the state take care of me.

If anyone could tell me of a good newspaper person that may be interested in my dilemma. I want someone to hear and read about my opinion of the imbalance in the decision, the bias of the judge, my ex wife's vindictiveness since.

I will have to shut my clinic down also, and there will be many patients very disappointed. This is the only way that I may be able to be heard, as well as having an attorney that misrepresented, and another attorney that would have appealed but asked for $20,000 dollars I did not have. I don't have the ability to borrow any money as my credit is shot since the divorce. I hope by doing this it may help someone maybe. At least some positive may occur if I am heard a little bit.


Victim #97: No Closure Allowed in Maine

I was divorced in 2001 after 27 years and ordered to pay alimony "indefinitely" by the court. Although my ex-wife's boyfriend was living in my home and sleeping in my bed with her, I abided by this faithfully until I lost my well paying job as a court security officer in 2005. I filed a motion to modify, based on my loss of income and went through our court system here in Maine.

The result? I was ordered to pay all back alimony, $3,000 of my ex-wife's attorney fees and ordered to pay $60.00 per week for the rest of my life. I was also found in contempt of court for not having paid alimony while unemployed. I have a part time job at which my ex-wife attached my wages and continued to receive payment, all while I was trying to continue to pay my bills and support my present wife.

My ex-wife has been on three trips to Aruba to their time share, has been to Vegas for a week, has been on a Caribbean cruise and two years ago for Christmas, her live-in paid for breast implants. She also quit her job with full time benefits and prayed upon the court to increase the amount of alimony because she was not working.

I am 53 years old and our two children are grown, removing any question of child support. I now work two jobs and cannot continue to do this forever. I am remarried and have purchased a modest home.

I am desperate! I need someone to help bring some closure to this situation. I have so much more to tell you that you would not believe has been done to me by our legal system.

Please, please help me.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Victim #96: Lawyers Take the Money and Run

I am facing to pay up to $ 6,000.00. I have been off from work on the railroad. I need more time to heal up from having a bad disk in my neck.

The Judge gave me 6 mos. to pay up or they will take my assets. It was nice of them to warn me. I took steps to protect what we have. It is not much. They will take my taxes. That only help's a little.

If I can get back to work. Then I will see if I can get a loan? At least the people who have the loan will not put me in jail.

I do not like the situation I am in. But I do not have any time when I get back to work.

I may never be able to change this great injustice. But I feel if we can get the Federal courts to rule it unconstitutional. Then all states would have to follow.

I can never get any where with the family court. They have me hog tied as it were.

I have two options:
1. get a PI to investigate the ex to see if she is co-habitating, if so that should stop it. But I do not think that the Judge would follow his own order. No human should ever be a slave to someone else.
2. Save up money and leave the USA for good. I would rather be in a different land than to be a slave for one person. My current wife agrees with me. She said what ever it takes to gain freedom.

I think I am done with lawyers, all they do is take my hard earned money and run.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victim #95: Second Wife Says First Wives Should Grow Up and Support Themselves

My very wonderful husband really got taken to the cleaners in his divorce. He was married to his ex for 19 years when they separated. He let her stay in the house while he lived in a hotel. He sent money every month even before the courts ordered him to.

Because his lawyer told him it would pay off in the end. He paid all the bills until he couldn't pay anymore and finally had to file bankruptcy and foreclose on the house while she refused to get a job. His lawyer never showed up for the pretrial, so the judge ordered him to pay $1,200 a month plus all the utilities.

My husband had to get a new attorney and the judge made his final judgment while saying that my husband should have picked a better attorney and then he wouldn't be getting so screwed. She got $1,200 a month, life insurance, college for their 23 year old, and her attorney fees. All alimony for life or until she remarries. Not fair.

How can a state award a woman who chooses not to work that much money a month, but will allow a father to get away with $49 dollars a week to raise a child. That is what I get for my child. The state needs to do something about this. There needs to be fairness in the world.

I don't want my child to grow up, get married, realize that maybe they made a mistake, and have to pay for the rest of his life. Plus what really angers me is that I believe that women have come further than this in the world. We are self-sufficient human beings and we don't need an ex husbands money to make a success out of your life.

I wish I had more child support for my child, but I don't need it. I give him all that he needs, it just would help with the wants. But women that are grown and have children who are grown up, should grow up themselves and support themselves. This is how I feel.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Victim #94: Lifetime Alimony Welfare Payments To Ex-Spouse Bankrupts and Enslaves Retired Disabled Vet

I am writing to the Florida Legislators to consider reforming the alimony statute FL 61.08.

I served in the Armed Forces, with the United States Air Force for more than twenty years. I was decorated several times and Honorably Discharged. I am currently a Disabled Veteran. After I completed the Troops to Teacher Program in 1995, I became a High School Teacher with the Air Force Junior ROTC Program. I am Proud To Serve Again.

My 22 year marriage was dissolved by my wife (the Petitioner) on May 11, 2005. This was her second marriage to an Armed Forces member. Prior to our final divorce, my spouse abandoned the home in June 2002. She returned to the house August 2002, and then left again in May 23, 2003 for good. This is not what I had in mind when I took my marriage vows. Nor, did I realize how long and costly a divorce in our great state could be. I also did not realize just how involved the State of Florida would become in a persons PRIVATE decision to end their marriage.

On April 11, 2005 I signed a Marital Mediated Settlement Agreement to speed up the process of getting Divorce and put closure to our relationship. Even by Default I had to do it, or the Court would. I signed the agreement in the adversary attorney's office. I did this Under Duress, Undue Influence and Unconscionable Bargaining. I did it because of previous threats of imprisonment, as a result of a court system where most of the judges are trained to ignore men's rights, and men are assumed to need to pay. I think it is fair to presume that undue influence is present in alimony, because the man really has no choice but to sign the divorce contract.

The "NO FAULT DIVORCE" law is destroying our families and society.

I am now under a court prescribed income deduction order that takes $10,000.00 from my 10 month teaching salary. My Air Force pension was garnished by 32.5% and my future Teacher pension by 50% as well. After a perfect life credit, I was forced into bankruptcy by the court and the former spouse's attorney. To comply with the Equitable Distribution and under threats of imprisonment I was forced to sell my house, my vehicles, etc.

I have served proudly to protect the citizens of this great country and I continue to serve society as a teacher. However, the district court has ordered me to pay my ex-wife for the rest of my LIFE.

The statute has given the judiciary VERY BROAD DISCRETION when ruling on alimony. It is a VIOLATION of the Separation of Powers Act. I never imagined I would be sitting here writing to the legislators of Florida. I have never been a very political person. This statute is nothing but a form of state sponsored slavery, when I have to pay her for the REST OF MY LIFE under the threat of imprisonment if I do not pay.

I will be 57 years old next year on October 31. I earned my pay, paid my dues, served my country. I believe I deserve some kind of a peaceful retirement. I also, do not have the financial resources to continue to pay attorney's fees to keep returning to court for modifications. This is the MADNESS this statute creates. There is never any CLOSURE of the marriage dissolution.

All this statute do, is to create a "welfare" for the recipient. It gives the ex-spouses NO INCENTIVE to become a productive member of society. My ex-wife will receive $18,450.00 per year from the court prescribed income deduction order for permanent alimony, and from my pensions. She does not have to lift one finger to earn any of that money. Quite a nice retirement and income for her, but I have to continue to work to pay her.

This statute is based on a law that is much older that you or I. It is based on laws that were in effect when women had no rights, nor opportunities that they enjoy today. It was based on laws when men owned their women. We both know that is not true today. My ex-wife is a Teacher aide, is in good health, she has a future Florida Retirement and a Social Security Pension. She is more than capable of earning a good salary. My children are of majority age.

There are many in our great state in the same situation, and their voices are beginning to be heard by members of the legislature. This law is archaic. It needs to be changed to reflect the way society is today. There are women in our state that have become "victims" of this statute by either being forced to pay their ex-husbands or have become the 2nd wife of the husband that is forced to pay alimony for the rest of their lives. The numbers of people affected by this archaic law are growing everyday. The judiciary is out of control.

Please abolish this archaic law.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Victim #93: Slavery Happens To Women As Well!

I was married for 28 years to a man who left me on Mother's Day weekend 2005. He quit his job, abandoned his children, refused to work, and sat around for 2 years doing nothing but spending our hard earned assets from our marriage.

When our divorce case finally got to court he lied very convincingly and the Judge awarded him our two young daughters, child support and alimony for life. Prior to leaving he spit in my face and said "You'll work for the rest of your life to support me, bitch!" Then the Judge who I looked to for justice gave him my daughters and my money and has left me in the position of paying him for life.

Its like asking a rape victim to give the rapist free sex for life!!!!! This man is perfectly capable of working, he just decided he didn't want to do so. Since we have no fault laws why should there be anything for the government to get involved in except for domestic violence and child neglect?

I didn't marry this man to be a house husband and raise our children. I married him to be a partner for life and a provider. He wasn't but I didn't ask for alimony.

Marriage laws give the children the husband's name instead of the wife's. If he's not obligated to his family and I am, why don't I then get to rename the kids with my maiden name? Why did I have to petition the court to get my own name back? I just don't get it!!!!

Please help me do something about this. I have been victimized and the only way out of being a victim for me is to go on the offense and win this battle.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Victim #92: Ex-Wife Lives on Easy Street While Husband Struggles

It's a long story but I'll try to keep it short. 29 yrs of marriage wife decides she wants a divorce - leaves me with a brand new home and a 23 yrs old and 17 yr old to take care of.

I go into deep depression, have back surgery and a change in job hours and I do all the leg work for my idiot lawyer. Well he decides it is my best interest not to go before a judge and agrees that I should pay $1300 a month in permanent non-modifiable alimony payments.

Since then, 2002 my ex, who has her own business, has made tons of $$$ - traveled all over the world, bought a condo and sold that making a $45k profit. She bought another house and is selling that and having a brand new $220k + house built.

Also her parents just died and she is getting about $250k in inheritance (my daughter just told me today) she is going to Hawaii for 2 weeks and I'm struggling.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Victim #91: Florida Woes Extend All the Way to Washington State

I have been paying past due child support for years And it is within a few months of being paid up. Then they will collect past due alimony for 11 years.

My Daughter is now 27 and I am 71 and need extensive dental work done. I can not afford this work. I asked Washington (Florida finally gave up on collecting on my case this year saying both parties now live in WA) for help with my dental. This was denied.

After paying for training my ex wife to be a RN. She was caught working and collecting welfare at the same time and this is why they are after me to pay this Welfare money back. The money does not go to her it goes to the state of Wash.

I looked on the Internet on Wash law and I believe the statute of limitations would make me pay until my daughter is 38 years old. My one hope is that the Florida law would say the collecting period has expired. Wash would then go along with Florida and drop the case. This was temporary alimony awarded for 30 months in 1979. I am hoping that someone would know if the Statute of limitations has been reached in Florida?

Also, while I made anywhere from $3,000 one year to generally $5,000 a year during this time, the wife made $45,000 to $65,000 a year. She could have made more except that she preferred to go to school on welfare money or just not work at all.

I don't know why they Are collecting from me anyway. She is the one that defrawded Wash state. I get so depressed by this matter that I can't even think of it for months at a time.

I can't hire a Wash lawyer...they want $1,500 down and then they continue the case until the money is used up. I could hire my Florida lawyer to examine the Fla law for me but my $ is so meger that I need to save whenever I can.

I even told the Wash. head of child support that this is driving me to think of suiside but he didn't Care. My Wash. case worker recommended 2+ years ago that the rest of the case be thrown out. For that they gave me a different case worker.

Thanks for your time.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Victim #90: Attempts at a Negotiated Re-payment Plan Fail

I was divorced 5 years ago and have done my best to pay the $6K per year alimony. It has come now that my ex has contacted a lawyer to collect some $5700 dollars I am behind.

I have recently got my finaces in order and am up to date this year. I suggested I would increase my payments by 20% per month to repay my arrearage over the remainder of my Alimony payment schedule of (10) years total.

This, of course, is not enough for her. The lawyer is demanding that I provide all of my finacial history over the last five years so they can review and determine how much more they can stick me with.

This is an outrage doesn't a man have any rights in this country anymore? What are my rights regarding my privacy and do I have to provide this information?