Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alimony Victim #171: This is Today's Slavery

I have given my ex approx. a quarter of a million dollars in the last 2 and 1/2 years, and still I pay alimony, monthly, for life.

I gave her already half my IRA, she will get 1/2 my retirement when I retire, and I bought her a house which she has sold and made 160,000 dollars on.

In the last 2 years she has been living with her boyfriend working under-employed as a part time secretary at a hospital so as to only get minimum wage and health care benefits.  Prior to divorce she had worked for approx. 20 years a full time medical transcriptionist making almost as much as me.

So, why does a country that demands equality for men and women and now transsexuals as well still hold the archaic principles of expecting the male to carry the female due to her inability to care for herself and threatens them with jail if this is not followed to the letter of the law?

Why do we as a country discourage women from rehabilitating themselves and allowing them to care equitably for themselves?

Why do the dis-service of encouraging them to not work and penalize them (like soc. sec. does) if they do work.

Isn't the goal of the human rights activist to insure fairness and equality for all?  Not just gender bias?

These permanent alimony awards after and equitable division of assets is given is nothing more than making the strong man take care of the poor weak women even after shared equities are made.


If you do the research you will quickly see that you have a huge audience out there that is under this yoke and you would do well to address it as well as make our congressional leaders (and judges) aware of this gender disparity.