Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Victim #159: Former Wife Cyberstalking Ex's Significant Other

I am currently dealing with my fiance's ex wife who has just gone overboard. She is cyberstalking me, stalking me at my work, and socially scarring my name.

Just to answer some questions before I go on. They divorced because he caught her cheating on him five different times in thier own bed! There are no children involved. However because she is so money hungry and he was just mentally tired he allowed her to receive alimony (also its the state of Indiana's law). She makes weekly claims that she is due more money.

She has taken to contacting his company and sending emails posing as a (he does real estate) buyer to send him emails demanding money. She has all the information on contacting him but yet continues to try to tarnish his name. I know for a fact he is up to date on payments due to her.

Did I mention that she uses her big sister to email him and try to mentally shame him? My group I started is to help people voice their frustration about their ex's in a safe way. Also to discuss the injustice that is placed upon them by just loving whom they love.

I realized that I can not discuss this to my friends because they just don't understand. It gets frustrating and yes I could opt out and just break up with him. However I am very much in love with him and will not back down.

I needed a support group and I have found one and made another. I have dealt with her cyberbulling me on myspace and via emails. Everything I do to stop it is rejected by the courts because of my relationship with him. I am tired of the lying, selfish woman.

The worse part is seeing her post pictures of her and her new boyfriend in Rome and various European places and hearing that she is demanding more money. What can I do to stop her!