Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Victime #161: A Woman's Point of View

Guys I am right there with you. I know I'm a woman but I am absolutely against alimony in this day and age. It's barbaric and there is no reason for it.

I myself am a divorced mother of 2 kids. I get no childsupport (my choice) and no alimony . Matter of fact I was origanilly ordered to pay childsupport and alimony because I educated myself and made more money. So I kinda understand what it is to get screwed.

On the other hand, I am remarried to a wonderful man who is in the same boat as all of you. He pays his ex close to $2000.00 a month to sit on her ass and do nothing. They were married 9 years and he has permanent alimony.

We have a 2 year old together that he barely sees because he has to work an offshore job inorder to pay his alimony and help out with our family that we have created.

You're right it isnt fair. It needs to stop. There is no reason for it.

And as a woman I can say, for all the lasy ass women out there who need to get off their ass and get a job,  Piss off and go back to work. There is plenty of help out there for education, daycare and such because I have used it.