Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Victim #121: Domestic Violence Traps

The night that I finally left the house when I was married and my ex was absolutely bonkers she threatened to call 911. I asked her why would she ever do that (I was so fricking naive). She said she was going to report that I hit her. I replied that I have never laid a hand on her in my life and that they will think she is nuts. She replied back that she would actually make sure she bruised herself before the police got there. I knew then that it was finally time for me to get a divorce but it goes to show to what extreme some crazy spouses will go to.

She never did call but rest assured if she had and they would have found self inflicted wounds on her, I would have been arrested and had a record for the rest of my life. That is why when I hear about Domestic Violence from a girlfriend or wife with a professional athlete, I now don't believe any of them although some may be true. I just remember back to that night and what happened with me and how easy it is for a guy to be set up.