Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Victim #125: Alimony is a Disencentive for Promoting Self-Sufficiency

Losing the job is, again, only a VERY temporary answer that just highlights the inequities of the laws. Where the courts will force me to regain employment at a comparative rate of pay with the threat of PERMANENT incarceration, they do not force the ex to work at all. They in fact provide incentive for her not to work.

My ex was a licensed real estate agent, an experienced admin assistant with a lot of accounting experience and also a 15yr history of being a caregiver for 3 local well-to-do families that have consistently paid her 12k a year. She could easily clear 50k+ a year had she any desire to be a productive individual with a trace of pride.

The idea here is to end/amend these socially retarded laws that are ruining lives across the country. Laws that are merely in place to funnel cash from hard working people and transfer it to the legal profession all in the name of "fairness".

How can we get some publicity for our cause? Somewhere there is an answer. If enough people want it, it will happen. I am not a highly intelligent individual but I would be happy to follow anyone who can lead this movement and do whatever I can to help.