Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Victim #130: Broke in Georgia

EX wife is taking me to court today for contempt. I have my own direct sales business. I am the only employee. If I don't make the money from my own personal sales then there is no money. This business has no assets.

I have been doing this business for 23 years. The business is failing, I had one sale in month of August. My income was about $450.00. The judge had ordered me to pay a little over $5,000.00 per month. Back when he ordered that, I even struggle to pay it then.

Now that sales are down I don't have the ability to pay she is taking me to court for several counts of contempt. In addition to that I have a girlfriend now and she is mad about that, she feels that I am hiding sales, but im not, sales are slow. So, her atty. wants to bring my girl friend in as a defendant. I believe this is just a ploy to avoid the final divorce.

Now that my discovery is over they can't do anymore discovery on me. So, if they bring her in as defendant they get another six months for discovery. That means the temporary order would be in effect for six to twelve months longer.

I just so sick of all this. She tells my friends that she is going to have me locked up to teach me lesson. The truth of the matter is I am losing both of my cars all my credit cards. I am unable to pay. I am behind on her car,house, and alimony payments. I don't have the money to pay her. My atty. said that if he doesn't get any money he's going to have quit.

I wonder if I moved from Georgia to another state could she do anything about it, what would happen to me. Is there anyone with any suggestions. Thank you, your broke friend.