Friday, July 3, 2009

Nursing Home Solution for Alimony Slaves

I was watching a documentary about the prison systems in the United States and the major problem they are having with aging prisoners. With the amount of prisoners being in the few millions across the country, more and more of them are getting up there in years and requiring nursing home type assistance. As a result, many prisons across the country are modernizing their prisons to accommodate these elderly care.

All that being said, since we are lifetime alimony payers under threat of prison time if we don't pay, I just realized we have one heck of an advantage over the general public. A few years ago I found out how expensive it was for nursing home care for my dad who eventually passed away. The least expensive one was 3500/month, something obviously I could not afford. My mom and I almost died ourselves giving my dad 24 hour care before he passed away.

So I now have my nursing home retirement plan in place. If I never get out of paying permanent alimony and when I can no longer take care of myself, all you have to do is stop paying, tell the judge you are not going to pay, you are in contempt of court and you are thrown in jail. They will need to place you in one of those prisons for elderly prisoners. Imagine, the tables are now turned and because of the states antiquated alimony laws, the final joke is on them since you control the "key" of release based on you paying alimony.

Justice in the end, my friends is finally served. The ex gets nothing and the state eventually takes care of you at their cost.......what a country!!!!