Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Victim #122: Alimony Torture in Alabama

I returned from court today on my motion to amend, vacate, or new trial empty handed. My atty did a nice job presenting the "inequitable" distribution of assets-(I got all the debt and $400,000 marital tax debt)-she got the only asset, the house.

I did get $125,000 equitable "interest" but never get the money unless she sells the house- why should she??? I will be paying for it PERMANENTLY!!!!

The unfairness of$ 3,000.00 a month Permanent alimony for a 7 year marriage, no children was also brought up by my atty. The Judge stated that she would not change anything, that I was capable of getting back to work and making money, that $3,000.00 a month would not cripple me.

She states that my ex wife came into the marriage with $400,000 dollars-which my ex had when we married, and spent every penny living a lifestyle out of control,clothes, cars-Mercedes for her by the way, $50k on her mothers house, private school for her girls- all documented. Isn't it part of the law if you marry someone and spend your money, it isn't a separate estate??? How can the Judge ignore the facts?

My ex has a job making $50,000 a year and a teachers retirement,( she has a masters degree and a counseling degree) and will get her deceased 1st husbands Social Security-for a total of over $100,000 a year income. Go figure! I suppose the Judge believes my ex should get the money she spent back from me.

My atty says he can not understand the Judges decision, except for the fact she does not like me. Of course we must appeal. It is so incredibly difficult to function with injustice and think about being connected to someone so vindictive for a lifetime.

I'm in Alabama, does anyone know of anyone having to appeal or alimony torture in Alabama? How do you go on and have an American dream of "Freedom" and pursuit of happiness?? I must fight for Justice!