Saturday, July 18, 2009

Victime # 128: Screwed in North Carolina

I have been divorced from the X since 2000, I was entered into bondage by paying $750 per month permanent alimony - she had also used the I am in poor health issues card. I currently now live in North Carolina since 2005 and have been re-married.

Since 2002 the X has been cohabiting with her boy-friend. During 2002 while I still lived in Florida - the X had her a new man ,new home, better health, new job, new car a whole new life while still getting $750 a month from me. In late 2002 I had decided to take her back to court to reduce or eliminate permanent alimony, so I retained another attorney and started the whole process over again, once the X got served and knew she was going back to court all of the sudden her health issues came back, she quit her job, let her car go back but yet she is still cohabiting with her so called as I see it her common law husband.

Before I moved to NC and still had not been in court for my final hearing there were new laws were put into law on cohabiting that now the Florida judges had to take into consideration before awarding alimony, I thought I would finally be free from this because she has been living with her man for years.

On April 2006 when I had finally had my day in court, her attorney brought before the judge that the X and her cohabitant had not been in a relationship for the past year and that her boy friend was out of the kindness of his heart letting her live there. Well needless to say the judge said there was no evidence of cohabitation and evidence of them sharing the same common mailing address, I got screwed again big time. I still have to pay $750 a month and her and her man are still cohabiting in Florida, now she has her father living with them in a three bedroom home where 1 room is an office – 1 room is her fathers and the last room is theirs but they have not been in a relationship – SURE sharing the same bed and nothing happening and judge says they are not cohabiting. Where is the justice for men?

Now is 2008 since I now live in North Carolina, I got some advise from a local attorney that if I would stop paying her the alimony she would have to retain and come to North Carolina and take me to court which would be costly, and there was nothing a Florida court could do here in North Carolina so I decided to stop paying it – well after 3 months and several nasty phone calls on my voice mail – she had her attorney serve me a summons to appear in court on May 21 on several issues of course not paying her, not paying her in a timely manner, deducting monies from her alimony which are all lies, since this.

I retained advise of another local attorney who told me that Florida could take this civil case and turn it into a criminal case and have it registered in North Carolina and then the sheriffs department could arrest me and throw me in jail for thirty days, so I have got my payments back up to where they should be, but I they will still be having an hearing on May 21 now she is wanting the Florida court to do an income deduction order through the court depository out of my check in North Carolina.

I do not have a Florida attorney, after $13k I flushed down the toilet from the last battle, I cannot afford one and or the expense to get to Florida for this hearing, but I fear if I do not show up her attorney and the judge and her will have a field day on my behalf and I will once again get screwed.

This is just a small portion of my hell and I know many others have the same or even worse. If anyone has anything to share with me on what I can do, I am very much open an appreciate any and all who shares. Thanks.