Friday, July 17, 2009

Victim # 126: A European's Perspective on American Family Law Courts

I now have a better picture how this court system works. I was very naive and took the US justice system the same way like it is in Europe.

In Europe the Judge`s bench is on the same level like litigants. Here the Judge`s bench is located higher and it tells you that he/she is above you. It is a very small detail but tells you a lot. In Europe attorneys are independent and not afraid to confront judges because the Judge has no power to issue a Motion to Contempt against them and have no power over them either. In Europe you can talk directly to the judge or both of you, your attorney and you, here you can`t because your attorney has only that right.

Finally. Alimony and divorce in this country is a pure business while in Europe (excluding England) it is not. No depositions are allowed in Europe. In fact these depos and mediations over here are just another BS in order to make more money to the attorneys. Some 75% of all worlds lawyers live in the States (US population is only 5% of the world population).