Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Victim #90: Attempts at a Negotiated Re-payment Plan Fail

I was divorced 5 years ago and have done my best to pay the $6K per year alimony. It has come now that my ex has contacted a lawyer to collect some $5700 dollars I am behind.

I have recently got my finaces in order and am up to date this year. I suggested I would increase my payments by 20% per month to repay my arrearage over the remainder of my Alimony payment schedule of (10) years total.

This, of course, is not enough for her. The lawyer is demanding that I provide all of my finacial history over the last five years so they can review and determine how much more they can stick me with.

This is an outrage doesn't a man have any rights in this country anymore? What are my rights regarding my privacy and do I have to provide this information?