Saturday, February 7, 2009

Victim #93: Slavery Happens To Women As Well!

I was married for 28 years to a man who left me on Mother's Day weekend 2005. He quit his job, abandoned his children, refused to work, and sat around for 2 years doing nothing but spending our hard earned assets from our marriage.

When our divorce case finally got to court he lied very convincingly and the Judge awarded him our two young daughters, child support and alimony for life. Prior to leaving he spit in my face and said "You'll work for the rest of your life to support me, bitch!" Then the Judge who I looked to for justice gave him my daughters and my money and has left me in the position of paying him for life.

Its like asking a rape victim to give the rapist free sex for life!!!!! This man is perfectly capable of working, he just decided he didn't want to do so. Since we have no fault laws why should there be anything for the government to get involved in except for domestic violence and child neglect?

I didn't marry this man to be a house husband and raise our children. I married him to be a partner for life and a provider. He wasn't but I didn't ask for alimony.

Marriage laws give the children the husband's name instead of the wife's. If he's not obligated to his family and I am, why don't I then get to rename the kids with my maiden name? Why did I have to petition the court to get my own name back? I just don't get it!!!!

Please help me do something about this. I have been victimized and the only way out of being a victim for me is to go on the offense and win this battle.