Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Victim #97: No Closure Allowed in Maine

I was divorced in 2001 after 27 years and ordered to pay alimony "indefinitely" by the court. Although my ex-wife's boyfriend was living in my home and sleeping in my bed with her, I abided by this faithfully until I lost my well paying job as a court security officer in 2005. I filed a motion to modify, based on my loss of income and went through our court system here in Maine.

The result? I was ordered to pay all back alimony, $3,000 of my ex-wife's attorney fees and ordered to pay $60.00 per week for the rest of my life. I was also found in contempt of court for not having paid alimony while unemployed. I have a part time job at which my ex-wife attached my wages and continued to receive payment, all while I was trying to continue to pay my bills and support my present wife.

My ex-wife has been on three trips to Aruba to their time share, has been to Vegas for a week, has been on a Caribbean cruise and two years ago for Christmas, her live-in paid for breast implants. She also quit her job with full time benefits and prayed upon the court to increase the amount of alimony because she was not working.

I am 53 years old and our two children are grown, removing any question of child support. I now work two jobs and cannot continue to do this forever. I am remarried and have purchased a modest home.

I am desperate! I need someone to help bring some closure to this situation. I have so much more to tell you that you would not believe has been done to me by our legal system.

Please, please help me.