Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Victim #96: Lawyers Take the Money and Run

I am facing to pay up to $ 6,000.00. I have been off from work on the railroad. I need more time to heal up from having a bad disk in my neck.

The Judge gave me 6 mos. to pay up or they will take my assets. It was nice of them to warn me. I took steps to protect what we have. It is not much. They will take my taxes. That only help's a little.

If I can get back to work. Then I will see if I can get a loan? At least the people who have the loan will not put me in jail.

I do not like the situation I am in. But I do not have any time when I get back to work.

I may never be able to change this great injustice. But I feel if we can get the Federal courts to rule it unconstitutional. Then all states would have to follow.

I can never get any where with the family court. They have me hog tied as it were.

I have two options:
1. get a PI to investigate the ex to see if she is co-habitating, if so that should stop it. But I do not think that the Judge would follow his own order. No human should ever be a slave to someone else.
2. Save up money and leave the USA for good. I would rather be in a different land than to be a slave for one person. My current wife agrees with me. She said what ever it takes to gain freedom.

I think I am done with lawyers, all they do is take my hard earned money and run.