Thursday, February 5, 2009

Victim #91: Florida Woes Extend All the Way to Washington State

I have been paying past due child support for years And it is within a few months of being paid up. Then they will collect past due alimony for 11 years.

My Daughter is now 27 and I am 71 and need extensive dental work done. I can not afford this work. I asked Washington (Florida finally gave up on collecting on my case this year saying both parties now live in WA) for help with my dental. This was denied.

After paying for training my ex wife to be a RN. She was caught working and collecting welfare at the same time and this is why they are after me to pay this Welfare money back. The money does not go to her it goes to the state of Wash.

I looked on the Internet on Wash law and I believe the statute of limitations would make me pay until my daughter is 38 years old. My one hope is that the Florida law would say the collecting period has expired. Wash would then go along with Florida and drop the case. This was temporary alimony awarded for 30 months in 1979. I am hoping that someone would know if the Statute of limitations has been reached in Florida?

Also, while I made anywhere from $3,000 one year to generally $5,000 a year during this time, the wife made $45,000 to $65,000 a year. She could have made more except that she preferred to go to school on welfare money or just not work at all.

I don't know why they Are collecting from me anyway. She is the one that defrawded Wash state. I get so depressed by this matter that I can't even think of it for months at a time.

I can't hire a Wash lawyer...they want $1,500 down and then they continue the case until the money is used up. I could hire my Florida lawyer to examine the Fla law for me but my $ is so meger that I need to save whenever I can.

I even told the Wash. head of child support that this is driving me to think of suiside but he didn't Care. My Wash. case worker recommended 2+ years ago that the rest of the case be thrown out. For that they gave me a different case worker.

Thanks for your time.