Saturday, January 31, 2009

Victim #89: Who Can Help?

As everyone else, my husband pays support to an ex wife. One who thinks his money is still supposed to support her alcohol habit! They were divorced in Florida in 2000.

She has been working for the last five yrs and has a live in boy friend.

Does anyone know how he can have a court ordered support stopped? Or what he needs to do to have it taken back to court? She has bragged to my sister in law how she doesn't really need the money. And it just barely pays her bar tab. But she wants to make him pay for leaving her.

We need that extra money now that we live out of state and the cost of living is higher here than in Florida. Any helpful info would really be great!

You are not alone anymore. The attitude of entitlement of the exes is deplorable. What they fail to realize is that the majority of the 2nd wives were also 1st wives and chose NOT to go after alimony.

We wanted to stand proud and not be looked upon as welfare recipients or burdens to others. We have pride and stand tall. Now, unfortunately, we are forced into involuntary servitude by association with our husbands by the exes and the misguided system that we are battling. We have some in our group who are paying alimony to their former husbands. So our fight is to free all from this onus burden.

We have many from Florida in our group who know just what you are going through. I would encourage you to also join the Alliance for Freedom From Alimony, Inc. [] This group is based in Florida and you can find a lot of support and information there. The 2nd wives is a relatively new group but we are growing.

The 2nd wives are being heard throughout this country. Currently we have filed a declaratory judgment in the Court to challenge the constitutionality of the alimony statute and have a bill pending before the legislature for alimony reform to end permanent alimony.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel but we need more warriors such as yourself. Your voice is a viable one and your story is important. Contact your legislatures and keep in touch with others, like the 2nd wives here, to keep you strong. Without being able to relate to someone who is or has gone through the same difficulties you have, you feel alone but together we reach out and encourage each other and this empowers us and helps us to strive for change.