Sunday, March 28, 2010

Victim #155: Wants to End Forced Labor!

I would like to get more involved in ending Forced Labor.  I''ve been paying, paying, paying, for over five years.  
I gave up a Palm Beach Garden home and $1,400.00 a month to get away from a 15 year marriage to a Bipolar spouse, that treatened my life, and started the house on fire.She was taken away by the Police, and volunteered to spend two weeks in a mental institution.  
The female judge gave me two days to move out of the house, declared her totally disabled, even though she regularly walked two miles to the grocery store, at her choice, or rode her bike.  I feel like getting on the Montel show, to tell my, our, stories.
Permanent Alimony is Forced Labor in America, which to me amounts to Slavery, which even China just Banned.  There must be an end to this injustice.