Friday, March 19, 2010

Victim #151: Family Law System Destroys the American Family

It's the same old same old. I lost everything and the "X" vacations in Europe.  But what is unique is that I was sentenced to pay lifetime alimony.  The "X" is to receive the court ordered  alimony from my estate after I die.  This is part of the divorce settlement. 

The "X" is litigious to a fault and has  already threatened my daughter in law with a law suit should I leave my grand daughter money for her education.  So we know she will sue any beneficiary  of my estate such as a future wife.  This means I really can't get married and expose a second wife to this kind of litigation. 

I have been in a  relationship since 1992 and we did try to get married by our pastor but that avenue is blocked with statues that make it unlawful to marry without a license.  They enforce this statute by jailing the pastor on a misdemeanor charge.  The point I am trying to make is that the family law system has destroyed the American family.

I think what bothers me most of all is that my son did not marry after seeing how his mother worked me over in the courts.  This makes my only grandson and name sake illegitimate.