Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Victim #145: Virginia: Alimony for Life State

Like many states, Virginia is an alimony for life state and I have fallen victim, now worse than ever. I have written every representative from local to the capitol and have not had any positive response. I do not know where to turn next. Any Suggestions?

When I was first divorced, I paid $600 per month indefinitely. When I retired from the Navy, she received $300 of my retirement and alimony was reduced to $300. Now, 10 years later, I am doing well and she is continuing to run a business at a lost(x 14yrs). She took me back to court and was awarded $1200 per month and still receives part of my retirement. Can you believe that!!! She gets $1,530 per month. That's over $18,000 annually, Is what that means to me is: The legal system encourages her to not excel by allowing her to have my money.

I am now re-married, have a daughter and should be able to give 100% toward my family and my home. Unfortunately I can only give 75%. My wife is not taking it well at all and at times it causes friction.

It is definitely time to move up to the current times. They are now allowing gay marriages in Washington, DC. I wonder: If a gay marriage ends in divorce, which person will get alimony for life. Personally, I don't think they will.