Friday, March 26, 2010

Victim #153: Need to End Alimony Welfare in St. Louis

My Husband and I have been married for almost 8 years and in that time we have received full custody of his 2 children, that are now already out of college, the other still in. But both are in their 20's.

I have shared legal custody of my 2 sons but full physical. And now we have a 2 year old together.

We are truly blessed and have been very lucky but his ex refuses to work and says it is beneath her and we have already taken her back to court twice and won, once for the children's custody issues and alimony, the second just for alimony.

As, I said we won and her maintenance has been lowered twice. As, I also stated, we are very lucky and my husband is a very successful man. But we are done with providing any longer for a woman who in the end did not even finish raising her children and has a degree and refuses to work.

So he tried to talk it out and provide some way at ending this without the courts, because as we all know the lawyers are the only ones who truly win.

Anyway, she would not respond so we had her served. She has now hired an atty. and answered the filing with a counter suit, in which she states, she now needs MORE alimony, and also states that her ex married me...a much younger woman that could provide to HER support...I could go on and on...

there is a settlement hearing on July 3 and we are in St. Louis, MO is there any way, without racking up a huge bill with our atty. to find out what the current trends are in rulings on this matter in our area?