Thursday, March 11, 2010

Victim #147: Fifty-Four Year Old Baby

I don't think child support should have anything to do with alimony.Child support is separate ..that is for taking care of the children, which a man should.

Alimony in our case is for the ex to live the life of riley. My husbands children have families of their own and the ex is still receiving alimony. After all it is her money. How is that? She got the house and half of everything else and still gets part of what he makes.

Being the new wife this REALLY bothers me. We can't make plans because we have to make sure she gets HER money...because it is HER money. She didn't  have to rehabilitate herself to support herself either. She worked during the marriage and I might add makes good money....but part of my husbands income is still HER money.

I think three years is plenty of time to pay alimony. After my husband retired on disability, we went to court to try to get it modified...well the attorney told my husband to settle with what she was willing to take no matter what because the ex has put on a little weight and the judge would feel sorry  for her and be for her anyway. I'm not sure who's attorney he was. I thought he was ours.

He has been paying alimony for nearly 10 years. As far as I can see we have a 54 year old baby.