Friday, November 28, 2008

Victim #79: Alimony is Legalized Theft

Now that my child support is done, I am moving out of the state of Tennessee which is every bit as bad as Florida when it comes to Alimony. I will not send my tax dollars to a state that follows this socialist ideology. Does anyone know or have any experience with the state of Mississippi?

It is interesting to me that even though female divorce judges here in Tennessee publicly proclaim that "lifetime alimony" is almost impossible to get, I personally know a number of professionals who have been forced into this indentured servitude -- although I have never heard of a lawyer that has been. And my ex-wife got it without any difficulty - or reason at all.

What it boils down to is that LIFETIME ALIMONY is a form of legalized and judicially sanctioned THEFT. Yes, it is STEALING which is much more easily done with a black robe than with a gun. And it conforms to socialist ideology perfectly.

I have lost the freedom to pursue endeavors that I would really like to because of my indentured servitude of LIFETIME ALIMONY. This is really tragic in a "free country" and although we supposedly have the protection of "free speech", I do have some anxiety that expressing my opinions in emails such as these will eventually come back to haunt me.