Monday, November 24, 2008

Victim #75: Mad As Hell

I am new to this site but have read lots on this issue. I live in Florida and have been divorced from ex for almost 4 years and have been forced to pay her support of $700.00 per month for life or until death or remarry [could only hope].

My problem is I know for a fact that ex is cohabiting but I cannot prove it to Florida court satisfaction. She makes more money than I, lives in a much nicer home and has money in the bank.

Florida does not care that I can't afford the time of day much less the fact that she got everything house, cars, contents plus lifetime extortion payments.

The question is: are you ready to make a national and local stand against this injustice to all men that want to do the right thing, men who will take care of their children if they father them, men who would do the right thing if their ex really did need $ help for a reasonable amount of time. If so stand up and let your voices be heard. We will not get it done by talking we have to act or it will be your great grand kids still paying for and unjust system nation wide..

Lets unite and take a national stand you can bet that the media and politicians will listen then .... Mad as hell and ready to take a stand.