Thursday, November 27, 2008

Victim #78: Penalized for Saving

After getting divorced I tried to keep my lifestyle conservative and accumulate as much savings as possible for my upcoming mandatory retirement, that was to come up in ten years.

Prior to the divorce, I had already lost a good deal of my retirement benefits from a former employer, when it went bankrupt. Then my Ex got half of ALL my remaining retirement benefits plus any retirement benefits/funds/pensions/etc. I was to accrue during the time between my divorce and my retirement.

Like anyone else has found himself in a similar position, I made a serious effort to save for my upcoming termination of wages. What I did not realize was that the money I was putting back by "eating beans instead of steak" was that these funds could be used to justify further alimony payments. I didn't realize that if my Ex was living "high-on-the-hog", what I was saving only was providing more money to enhance my "Ability-to-Pay".

What's wrong with this picture? Maybe it's only here in Florida that this can and does happen.

I feel this is terribly unjust. How can I avoid paying my Ex what I strived so hard to save while she was spending not only nearly half a million in alimony, but also a good portion of the retirement monies that were turned over to her a decade ago.