Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Victim #71: Supports Ex-wife's Cohabitation Lifestyle

My father-in-law just went through this right before Thanksgiving. His ex-wife has been living with someone for 7 years. They wear rings on their wedding fingers, when the boyfriend was in the hospital he listed her on the hospital records as his wife, they are each other beneficiary if the other dies and the list goes on. My father-in-law pays her $3K a month which happens to be 50% of his income.

When they divorced she received everything but the house,which had already gone into foreclosure, which he gave it back to the bank. Since they sold it for $20,000 less then he owed he was responsible for that money . He was responsible for paying all their marital debt. She received 100% of his retirement ($150,000) which she has spent and she is the beneficiary of a million dollar life insurance policy that she will get when he dies (even though he is now remarried).

After her son turned 18 and the child support stopped she took him back to court and had the child support rolled into her alimony and won even though her 18 year old son was living with his father.

Anyway, he tried negotiating, but she would not settle for a reduction of alimony. So, based on the sb152 [Florida Senate Co-habitation Bill 152] they went to court. My husband and his brother testified on his fathers behalf.

We watch him struggle while she is going on numerous extravagant vacations (California, Vegas and a 5 day cruise all in 4 months), her boyfriends 2004 crown victorian is paid for, she had a brand new home built then remodeled it 2 years later. She makes $11/hr working 25-30 hours a week (this is a healthy women perfectly capable of working a FT job) and the boyfriend makes 30K. Her defense......he pays rent and she is his landlord. They even relocated to Orlando together.

The ruling went to the ex-wife. So, he is still paying the $3k a month and now he is also responsible for paying her attorneys fees which are $10,000. This poor man is supporting not only his ex-wife, but his ex-wife's boyfriend and the courts are allowing it. We were sure that he would win and we were terribly mistaken.